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Index 2009

Fire photography
Eight picture series 100 x 100 cm

This series was made taking into account primarily Charles Pierce´s thought about an Index, stating that photography is an Index understood as “an index is a sign, a representation of some kind of similarity or analogy with it, not because it may be associated with the general features that such object possesses, but because it is dynamically and space like connected with both an individual object, as well as the
senses or the memory for which the sign serves as memory”.

This series was made using the print of fire as support to create photographs. Basically, I used a piece of glass and I attacked it until it created multiple forms and shapes in colors and textures. Following, I decided which part of the human body was going to be
printed on the ashes.

Finally, you obtain a picture that is constituted by three printings: the index of the fire, the human anatomy index, and the light capture.

It is important to point out that this process is fully analog, Photoshop nor any digital editors to alter the image were used. Another aspect that is quite important is to understand that I can´t control the whole process of fire printing, so there is a huge participation of randomness in the construction of these pictures.